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We’re first to market with a CMS Final-Rules compliant Leads-to-Enrollment solution for the 2024 AEP!

The MyMedicareBot Agent Platform is now available and complies with the new Carrier Branded Advertisement and 48-hour SOA Final rules being implemented this year.

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We are Medicare distribution experts who help health plans and brokers with technology and market insights that drive membership growth, retention, and profitability.

Here's how we do it:

CMS-compliant Field Agent Platform with Telephonic Recording and Call Analytics

Our Field Agent Platform is the only multi-carrier quoting & enrolling tool in the market with the ability to record both sales and enrollment calls. Our tool—currently supporting thousands of agents as well as top MA and PDP carriers—enables agents and carriers to comply with the new CMS Final Rule for AEP 2024 and is integrated with call analytics.

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Business Intelligence - Portfolio Analytics & Consulting

Increase membership growth and retention with our Portfolio Analytics Platform. Know your best markets and customers before the start of AEP, OEP, and Lock-in. This customized consulting service leverages CMS data, MMB competitive market intelligence, and your unique membership and claims data to identify the best markets and prospects for you to optimize sales, retention, and PDP-to-MAPD conversion campaigns.

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Member Retention and Conversion Program

Our Member Retention and Conversion Program helps your health plan better retain and upgrade membership by using actual member claims to deliver personalized plan recommendations with savings and plan benefits messaging to your entire PDP and MAPD membership—including LIS members. The ability to target marketing efforts on a member-level basis allows you to lower your overall distribution costs. We offer a turnkey approach that can either fit within your existing infrastructure or be fully managed by us to ensure you can make the most of your existing resources.

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MMB News and Press Releases

BREAKING NEWS: MyMedicareBot Releases 2023 AEP Retrospective Report
MAY 02, 2023

The 2023 AEP Retrospective Report provides information and insights for Medicare health plans and distributors to grow and retain membership in the 2024 AEP…

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MyMedicareBot’s Field Agent Telephonic Enrollment Platform Expands its Network of National Carriers
MAY 26, 2022

MyMedicareBot is proud to announce the carrier network expansion of its Telephonic Enrollment solution for field agents. Effective immediately, licensed Medicare agents can enroll beneficiaries telephonically… 

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The Federal Government Will Start Requiring All Medicare Agents to Record Every Call
MAY 18, 2022

This new rule has caught the industry by storm. No one believed that CMS would implement this rule, but it is now the law of the land. All agents in the Medicare space must record EVERY client interaction. This rule will be in effect for AEP…

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