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2022 AEP Retrospective Reportis Here!

Actionable, data-driven insights to implement in your 2023 OEP/SEP and 2024 AEP strategies and campaigns for more effective membership growth, retention, and profitability.

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Summary of the 2022 AEP Retrospective Report

Our annual AEP Retrospective Report provides actionable insights for Medicare carriers and brokers to implement more effective membership growth, retention, and distribution strategies and campaigns.

These insights are based on the results from our Medicare Analytics and Agent Platforms used by health plans, brokers, and their agents during the last calendar year. Our findings reflect actual field usage during the 2022 OEP/SEP and the 2023 AEP.

We applied our more than 18 years of experience helping CMS, Medicare health plans, and brokers use data-driven insights and innovative technologies to retain and grow their membership in a competitive market.

This report highlights key themes that health plans and brokers of all sizes should consider as they develop their 2023 OEP/SEP and 2024 AEP strategies.

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