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Compliance: Mastering the New Medicare 48-Hour SOA Rule
October 17, 2023

The 2024 Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) will significantly change how and when you can engage your current and prospective members. The new CMS 48-hour SOA rule adds time, cost and complexity to the 2024 AEP. So, what can you do? Let’s walk through the intricacies of the new rule and chart the path forward to more effective and compliant client engagements.

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Medicare Trends: A Conversation on Medicare Lead Marketing
August 31, 2023

This AEP will have new complexities. To help independent agents prepare for the 2024 AEP, Michael Cho, cofounder and CEO of MyMedicareBot, spoke with Bill DeCourcy, senior vice president of growth marketing and customer acquisition at Amerilife and founder of LeadStar. Read more to gain insights from the conversation on how agents can prepare.

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Medicare Trends: Do Your Homework for AEP 2024
August 15, 2023

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is always a hectic time for agents, but AEP 2024 will be especially challenging to navigate. The new CMS final rules present fresh challenges for agents. But, if you do the work now to prepare for AEP 2024, you can ensure compliance and be poised to make the greatest impact for your Medicare beneficiaries.

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Compliance: Medicare Final Rules - How to make them work for you
JULY 01, 2023

In the last ten years, Medicare marketing costs doubled while member persistency decreased by more than 30%. Beneficiary complaints to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have doubled in the same timeframe. Learn how to make the new CMS final rule implementation work for you and fundamentally change Medicare marketing and distribution for the better.

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Medicare Trends: 2023 AEP Insights for 2024 Growth
MAY 08, 2023

The Medicare Advantage (MA) market is becoming increasingly competitive. Medicare health plans and brokers need actionable insights to grow and retain their membership. Let’s analyze the 2023 Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) trends to plan for the future.

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BREAKING NEWS: MyMedicareBot Releases 2023 AEP Retrospective Report
MAY 02, 2023

The 2023 AEP Retrospective Report provides information and insights for Medicare health plans and distributors to grow and retain membership in the 2024 AEP…

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MyMedicareBot’s Field Agent Telephonic Enrollment Platform Expands its Network of National Carriers
MAY 26, 2022

MyMedicareBot is proud to announce the carrier network expansion of its Telephonic Enrollment solution for field agents. Effective immediately, licensed Medicare agents can enroll beneficiaries telephonically… 

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The Federal Government Will Start Requiring All Medicare Agents to Record Every Call
MAY 18, 2022

This new rule has caught the industry by storm. No one believed that CMS would implement this rule, but it is now the law of the land. All agents in the Medicare space must record EVERY client interaction. This rule will be in effect for AEP…

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BREAKING NEWS: NAHU Gets Clarification from CMS About Medicare Final Rule
MAY 13, 2022

We have received many questions recently regarding the Medicare final rule that requires agents to record telephonic conversations with beneficiaries beginning October 1. Today, NAHU spoke with CMS officials from the Division of Surveillance, Compliance & Marketing to gain further insight…

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MyMedicareBot Launches Field Agent Portal for Covid AEP
JUNE 30, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, MyMedicareBot announces the availability of its Field Agent Portal, which equips field agents to safely and compliantly sell Medicare plans for the upcoming AEP…

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MyMedicareBot Launches First Omni-Channel Medicare Sales Platform
MARCH 10, 2020

MMB announces the launch of its Omni-Channel Sales Platform, an integrated suite of tools and analytics that harness the power of personalization…

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2019 Product Launch: MyMedicareBot Selling Tools
APRIL 24, 2019

MyMedicareBot LLC today launched its MMB Medicare Sales Platform, an omni channel plan shopping and enrollment solution…

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