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Omni-Channel Sales Platform

Our fully integrated, omni-channel telesales and consumer direct tools help health plans retain and grow their Medicare membership

We provide a sales solution that integrates your health plan's telesales and consumer direct channels to maximize sales opportunities. Our Omni-Channel Sales Platform is engineered with CMS compliance and conversion optimization in mind. Rapid implementation and actionable competitive market intelligence helps your health plan focus on growth and target marketing and lead spend on markets where you are more likely to win.

Consumer Direct Portal

Our consumer direct portal is designed to help Medicare beneficiaries quickly compare and select the plan that best meets their needs. We simplify the shopping experience by leveraging powerful decision support tools, customer-friendly design, and a streamlined enrollment workflow. Integration with our telesales portals provides a true omni-channel experience for both your current and prospective members.

Omni-Channel Reporting

Integration between our consumer direct and telesales portals gives agents visibility into their caller’s online experience. Telesales agents and online shoppers can share quote information so agents can focus on selling rather than entering data.

Telesales/Broker Portal

Our telesales portal is engineered to achieve one simple goal—help agents sell! The portal combines fast quoting and enrollment capabilities with competitive market intelligence so that agents can overcome objections and close more sales. The portal also provides quick access to enhanced benefit information like dental, vision, and transportation, so agents can speak to the unique quoting needs of the LIS or MMP Medicare population.

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