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Business Intelligence - Portfolio Analytics & Consulting

Know your best markets and prospects before and during AEP to maximize the ROI of your sales, retention, and upgrade campaigns

Our Portfolio Analytics helps your health plan target your marketing and lead spend where you're more likely to win before and during AEP. Just as importantly, we identify your at-risk markets that require a strong retention or upgrade campaign to maintain current membership levels.

How it works:

We use historic CMS enrollment and plan design data and competitive market intelligence to provide a predictive model for who your health plan should target for sales, retention, and upgrade campaigns at the county and member level. As a result, you can know exactly where you should be focusing your marketing and lead dollars as well as whom to target by age, prescriptions, and/or medical conditions. Our Portfolio Analytics can dramatically reduce enrollment acquisition costs and overall marketing and lead spend.

Market-Level Portfolio Analytics

Our market-level analytics provides carrier-level market insights using your health plan’s plan design and pricing information. We provide competitive market intelligence across every county and against the entire market to determine where your plans are the most competitive before AEP begins. Know where your plans are most competitive in terms of premium, RX costs, plan benefits, and estimated OOPC so you can target your marketing and lead spend in counties where you are more likely to win.

Member-Level Portfolio Analytics

Our member-level analytics provides an additional layer of insight based on your health plan’s member-level information. We can identify the best prospects for your health plan, allowing you to target marketing and lead spend at the county level based on shoppers’ age, gender, RX, and medical conditions. Now you can focus your marketing efforts on specific shopper profiles to drive better enrollment conversions at lower cost.

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