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2021 AEP Challenges in a Covid-19 World

2021 AEP Challenges in a Covid-19 World
May 20, 2020 | 10:00-11:00am PST

With Covid-19 changing the Medicare landscape, MyMedicareBot surveyed executives and business leaders from over 20 national and regional health plans, brokers, and technology companies to ask them about the challenges they were facing as AEP approached.

The feedback from these conversations revealed common themes as well as some surprising insights.

Michael Cho from MyMedicareBot gave an overview of the 2021 AEP Challenges survey results, including the following issues—
  • a dramatic increase in shopping expected from new and current members
  • uncertainty around how to keep field agents active
  • communication challenges with plan members and prospects
  • regulatory hurdles made more difficult by the pandemic

Randy Herman from Deft Research gave a preview of their study of over 3,000 seniors on how Covid-19 impacted their perceptions of their current carriers and coverage, and the likely impact on their insurance shopping activity.

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